Oh noes! My pasta has been recalled!

There was this pasta, it looked fun because it looked like a moose, although it turned out it was an elk. We bought some. However, today, I have discovered it is dangerous enough to need returning to the shops! Because it might contain soy and we might be allergic to soy!

In Ikea’s own words:


If you have purchased PASTAÄLGAR FULLKORN, elk-shaped wholegrain pasta, or PASTAÄLGAR, elk-shaped pasta, from the Swedish Food Market at IKEA, please be aware that the product may contain soy. As a precautionary measure, we have decided to recall this product.

Soy is an allergen and this product may cause an allergic reaction to people allergic to soy.


To be fair to them, they do go on to make it clear that returning it is optional and should be done only by those with concerns. But is it my imagination, or is this unnecessarily alarmist? A recall, to my mind, is an desperate plea from the shop for the return of a dangerous product. In this instance they made a mistake, and sharing information is important, but a recall? Really?

Kind of irrelevant, though. We ate our tasty little moose heads months ago.